Essential oil ghosts of past, present, and future

Imagine getting settled in for bed on Christmas Eve.

As you snuggle in under the covers and reach towards your nightstand to turn out the lights, the window blasts open and a gust of cold wind blows in.

You have a visitor:

The ghost of essential oils past

This ghost swoops in through the window and takes you by the hand.

The next thing you know, the two of you are in a shadowy land back in 1977.

It’s a cold and forbidding place, and only a few people are using essential oils. Those who do use oils are hunted and persecuted, and have to huddle for safety around small herb and vitamin shops.

One of these outcasts, a young massage therapist named Robert Tisserand, has just published a book called “The Art of Aromatherapy,” in which he makes the claim that essential oils are the “life blood” of the plant.

The ghost waves his hand around this scene and asks you, “How could this ever become a multi-billion dollar industry?”

The ghost of essential oils present

Before you can answer, you find yourself back in your bedroom.

A second ghost immediately appears, the ghost of Christmas present.

This one transports you to a bustling supermarket close to your house where you shopped just yesterday.

The ghost and you land right inside the enormous supplements aisle.

A young, helpful sales person is there advising a customer. You lean in to hear what she has to say.

“SIBO? Oh yeah, for any kind of gut bacteria issues, you want to take oregano oil. Just put 2 drops into a glass of water, stir it, and drink first thing in the morning.”

You want to speak up to warn the customer about several glaring safety issues, but the ghost has already swept you away and you’re back in your bed.

The ghost of essential oils to come

You wait for a few minutes in your bed, knowing that the last ghost must be coming soon.

Finally he shows up and takes you to the year 2037.

You’re in a general physician’s office, and you see a doctor consulting an athletic young woman.

The young woman is complaining how she hasn’t been able to go to tennis trainings for the past week because of inflamed tendons in her right elbow.

The doctor listens carefully and then says, “I’ll recommend something that’s worked for many of my patients before. Try it and see if it helps you. It’s copaiba essential oil with a bit of birch essential oil in a fractionated coconut oil base.”

“Essential oils? Seriously?” the young athlete laughs. “My grandma used to be crazy about that stuff.”

As you’re about to reach out to get some of that copaiba mix and try it for yourself, the ghost slaps your hand away, and you find yourself back at home, safe in your bedroom.

You can smell the fir needle aroma wafting in from your Christmas tree downstairs.

“Maybe these essential oils aren’t good for everything in the world, but I’m glad I’ve got them when I need them,” you murmur to yourself.

And you fluff up your pillow, turn out the light, and settle in for a long night of restful sleep.

Merry Christmas,

John Bejakovic

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