New research on essential oils for addiction

Imagine you walk into a bright room on a university campus.

There’s already a group of frightened people sitting on folding chairs along the walls.

Then a friendly young woman with a clipboard approaches you and says:

“You have two minutes to prepare a speech about things that make you anxious.”

“You will then have four minutes to deliver the speech live, in front of a camera, while having your image shown on TV.”

Do you think you might get a little nervous or stressed out?

Well, that’s exactly what some researchers in Brazil were hoping for.

They were testing the effect of orange essential oil in reducing anxiety.

But that’s not all, because they specifically wanted to see how the oil would reduce anxiety in a unique population: crack cocaine users.

They compared orange essential oil to no treatment, and to orange essential oil diffused around non-crack users.

And the results?

Orange essential oil significantly reduced anxiety, both in crack users and non-users, during the preparation phase (basically during the anticipation of the unpleasant and stressful future).

It didn’t seem to have much effect during the presentation itself or after the whole thing was done (the anxiety dropped off for all groups at this point).

But maybe it was just the aroma that was important, and not specifically essential oil?

For this, let’s look at another recent study involving drug users.

It was done in Thailand, and it focused on inhalant addicts aka. glue huffers.

The researchers treated them with lavender essential oil, synthetic lavender perfume, or nothing.

Lavender essential oil performed best in reducing cravings.

It appeared to work better than synthetic perfume, though perfume also had a pretty good effect, and was significantly better than the control of getting nothing.

So what’s the point of all this?

I hope you’re not addicted to serious drugs, but if you are, then you might like to know that essential oils can help you handle the anxiety and cravings that come with addiction.

Even if you aren’t addicted to serious drugs, you might still get some use out of this:

If you want to wean off “acceptable” drugs such as caffeine or sugar…

If you have obsessive behaviors that you’d like to curb…

Or if you simply get anxious too often and you want to cut that down.

In all these cases, essential oil stalwarts such as lavender and orange are worth giving a try.

By the way, I’ve also covered some research specifically on essential oils for quitting smoking.

And in case you’re wondering where to buy your essential oils, here’s a list of 9 high-quality companies that were recommended by experts:

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