New Research on Essential Oils and Nicotine

Can essential oils reduce problems caused by smoking?

A while ago, I wrote about how essential oils can help with quitting smoking.

Well, I just found a new research paper that also deals with smoking and essential oils.

This new article shows essential oils might help reduce damage to the body that’s caused by nicotine.

In other words, if you smoke but cannot quit (or don’t want to)…

Then you might be able to use aromatherapy to control and even neutralize some of the negative health effects of smoking.

The study I’m referring to is called Cardiovascular effects of linalyl acetate in acute nicotine exposure.

It dealt with mice and not with people. It also used intraperitoneal injection of nicotine and linalyl acetate, rather than inhalation.

By the way, linalyl acetate is a very common essential oil component, and it is one of the main constituents of popular oils such as lavender, bergamot, and clary sage.

Anyways, the scientists treated these poor mice with nicotine alone or with nicotine and linalyl acetate.

Predictably, the nicotine caused a cacsade of known health reactions, such as a tightening of vascular tissue, cell damage, and imbalances in nitric oxide production.

The incredible thing is that linalyl acetate mixed with nicotine reduced or almost eliminated all those reactions.

So markers of cell damage were decreased, vascular tissue did not contract, and nitric oxide remained balanced.

What does this mean you?

Honestly, we can’t be 100% certain, because this study involved mice and injection, instead of humans and inhalation.

However, the study does give some hope that if you are smoking (or exposed to second-hand smoke), you can simply use aromatherapy to undo some of that damage.

Again, common oils such as lavender or bergamot might be the ones to try.

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