New Sheriff Takes On Essential Oil Highway Robbers

The essential oil marketplace still has a touch of the Wild West to it.

You’re riding around safely in your stagecoach and suddenly, some highway robbers stop you and say,

“Here, buy our lavender oil. It’s very cheap and yet it’s therapeutic grade.”

Since the highway robbers are making you an offer you can’t refuse, you fork over your money.

The only problem is, the oil you got was a synthetic mix that never saw a lavender field and has potentially toxic properties.

That’s the trouble when there’s no independent body that offers third-party testing, regulation, or certification of essential oils.

Well, there might be some good news on that front, thanks a new non-profit organization, started by dr. Robert Pappas and Roxanne Benton.

This new organization is called the Essential Oil Analysis Foundation (EOA). Here’s how it works.

EOA raises funds by selling some unique essential oils that were donated to it.

They are starting out with a batch of frankincense papyrifera, a rare and unusual variety of frankincense.

This batch was distilled by Robert himself and donated to the foundation.

Now, in case you buy something from the foundation (like their frankincense oil or hydrosol), you get to vote on which company’s oils you’d like to see tested.

At the end of each month, the ten companies with the most votes get GC/MS tested by a laboratory that specializes only in EO tests.

And then the results are made public.

You can check out a folder with the results here:

I looked through, and so far, most of these are companies that sell exclusively on Amazon.

You can see the GC/MS report, including the layman’s summary at the bottom.

And here’s the EOA site:

You can sign up there for their email newsletter or follow them on Facebook.

This way, you’ll be notified of interesting new oils or hydrosols they might be offering, or of the results of ongoing EO tests.

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