18 Proven Lavender Oil Uses With Scientific Backing

Do you want to know a secret?

I’m trying to keep a very open mind when it comes to alternative medicine…

… but I’m really skeptical of much of what I read online about essential oils.

In fact, the more I read about essential oils online, the more I get the feeling that:

  • many people are simply repeating false information until it begins to sound true
  • even some certified aromatherapists are spreading dubious advice
  • essential oils are frequently promoted as miracle cures for issues where they have little or no effect

I think this devalues essential oils to many people who might otherwise benefit from them.

Lavender oil -- It's good for what ails you

It’s good for what ails you

Today, I want to share with you the results of a bit of digging I’ve done on lavender essential oil.

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Where To Buy Essential Oils: 3 Aromatherapy Experts Share Their Favorite Companies

I keep a list of companies that sell essential oils.

At last count, there were 114 of them. And each week I find a few more.

Some of these companies are big, some are small. Some seem affordable, some are expensive.

They all say their oils are the highest quality and purity. Some of them even suggest that only their oils are any good.

All this makes it very hard to figure out where to buy essential oils.

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Essential Oils For Weight Loss: Can They Actually Help?

Imagine the following scenario.

Say you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while.

You’re tired of the squishy fat clinging to you, and you’ve been trying everything to get rid of it.

Somehow though, you always fall off the wagon. Maybe you even start thinking you’ll never get rid of the extra pounds.

essential oils for weight loss

However, you decide to give it one more try.

So you make a resolution with yourself. Starting tomorrow, you will embark on a plan to lose weight.

The plan isn’t very different from the plans you tried before. But this time, you have a secret weapon.

You start your new weight loss plan. The first few weeks pass by.

To your surprise, you are not suffering and you are not miserable. Right from the start, you can see results — the weight is coming down and the fat is disappearing. You don’t feel hungry, and you don’t feel overcome with cravings.

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