Essential Oil Pioneers

Essential Oil Pioneers

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When I started elementary school about 30 years ago, my life wasn’t quite complete.

Sure, starting school was a very big step. It made me feel like more of a human being than I was back in kindergarten.

But there was still something missing, and that was the status of “pioneer.”

You see, where I grew up (Zagreb in Croatia, in what was then Yugoslavia), all first-graders went through a ceremony in November where they would wear a little uniform and make a solemn oath to study hard and listen to their parents and be constructive members of society.

After you took the oath, you became a pioneer, which meant something back when I was six.

Here’s why I bring this up.

On Tuesday, June 27th, I’ll be kicking off a 5-week online course about essential oils.

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Abstinence-Only Aromatherapy Education

Abstinence-Only Aromatherapy Education


Imagine yourself back in high school.

You’re sitting restlessly, waiting for the bell to ring so you can rush on home.

The minutes are dragging by, and this last class is the most boring — Mrs. Hoffenpot, teaching the deadly dull subject “Essential Oil Safety.”

Here she goes again with the same old line, “EOs should not be ingested, unless under the supervision of a qualified and practicing professional.”

Fortunately, the bell rings and you are finally free!

You rush home, where behind closed doors, you and your best friend pour yourselves a tall glass of water.

“Should we do it?” she asks as she takes out her little bottle of lemon essential oil.

“Well, I did hear it’s good for detoxing and weight loss,” you hear yourself say.

And the next thing you know, you’ve put a few drops of lemon oil in your water, and you’re both gulping it down and waiting to see how your bodies react.

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New Sheriff Takes On Essential Oil Highway Robbers

New Sheriff Takes On Essential Oil Highway Robbers

The essential oil marketplace still has a touch of the Wild West to it.

You’re riding around safely in your stagecoach and suddenly, some highway robbers stop you and say,

“Here, buy our lavender oil. It’s very cheap and yet it’s therapeutic grade.”

Since the highway robbers are making you an offer you can’t refuse, you fork over your money.

The only problem is, the oil you got was a synthetic mix that never saw a lavender field and has potentially toxic properties.

That’s the trouble when there’s no independent body that offers third-party testing, regulation, or certification of essential oils.

Well, there might be some good news on that front, thanks a new non-profit organization, started by dr. Robert Pappas and Roxanne Benton.

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Deal-breaking essential oil misinformation

My friend Sam is an unabashed and outspoken food snob.

We often take big trips together, and inevitably, we will find ourselves in an unfamiliar city, looking for a place to eat.

We’ll peek into one restaurant, and a second, and a third…

And if we ever come across a restaurant that looks nice, and particularly one that has a great view, Sam will immediatley say:

“I’m not eating here. They are selling the view instead of the food. Let’s go somewhere else.”

A nice view is a deal breaker for him when it comes to restaurants.

(And more often than not, I’ve found out that he’s right.)

I bring this up because it’s now springtime.

And I’ve been seeing the re-emergence of an essential oil topic that’s a deal breaker for me.

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How To Use Essential Oils To Quit Smoking In The Next 90 Days

Trying to quit smoking??? Two unusual essential oils might be all you need to help you succeed this time.

Are you trying to quit smoking?

If you are, you know that quitting can be an ordeal filled with cravings, dizziness, headaches, and fatigue.

That’s a nasty list of symptoms, and it explains why only about 7% of people manage to quit on their first try.

Is there any way to make quitting smoking easier and to increase your chances of success?

Well, one surprising option is essential oils. Essential oils have been studied in a scientific context and shown to help people stay away from cigarettes and reduce cravings.

They might not be a silver bullet, but essential oils are definitely worth a try if you’re serious about kicking the habit.

Read on for detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to use essential oils to help you quit smoking.

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7 Heated Essential Oil Controversies, Explained With No Drama

7 heated essential oil controversies - are essential oils a cure for cancer, should you ingest them, and what about MLM companies?

At first blush, essential oils are all about beautiful aromas and gentle natural healing.

After you learn a little more, it quickly turns out there are some contentious and controversial issues here as well.

Much of the argument happens on online forums, blogs, and over social networks. If you are new to the topic of essential oils, it can be confusing, and it might even turn you off from aromatherapy entirely.

I’ve put together a guide explaining some essential oil controversies as impartially as I could.

And because I myself am new to essential oils, I will be referring to well-established essential oil experts and published scientific studies as often as possible.

Ready? Get your armor on and let’s dive in.

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Learning About Essential Oils: 14 Aromatherapy Experts Share Their Advice


So helpful!!! Which blogs and books should you read to learn more about essential oils? 14 aromatherapy experts share their advice!

There’s no denying it — essential oils are going mainstream.

As a result, hundreds of books, thousands of blogs, and untold numbers of people on Facebook are all ready to tell you everything you need to know on the topic.

The trouble is, not all of these sources of information are good… while others might even lead you dangerously astray.

To complicate things further, it’s hard to know which sources of information to trust.

The best solution I’ve personally found is to look to aromatherapy experts — people who’ve been working with essential oils for decades.

I contacted over a dozen experts, and I asked them 3 questions:

  1. How should an everyday consumer find accurate and easy-to-understand information on using essential oils?
  2. Are there any free online resources on aromatherapy that you can recommend?
  3. Which aromatherapy books would you recommend for somebody who’s interested in self-treatment with essential oils?

I’m grateful to 14 experts who got back to me with their recommendations.

Read on to find out exactly what they had to say.

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18 Proven Lavender Oil Uses With Scientific Backing

Do you want to know a secret?

I’m trying to keep a very open mind when it comes to alternative medicine…

… but I’m really skeptical of much of what I read online about essential oils.

In fact, the more I read about essential oils online, the more I get the feeling that:

  • many people are simply repeating false information until it begins to sound true
  • even some certified aromatherapists are spreading dubious advice
  • essential oils are frequently promoted as miracle cures for issues where they have little or no effect

I think this devalues essential oils to many people who might otherwise benefit from them.

Lavender oil -- It's good for what ails you

It’s good for what ails you

Today, I want to share with you the results of a bit of digging I’ve done on lavender essential oil.

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