Precisely Inaccurate Essential Oil Recipes

What's the tricky issue with measuring essential oils in drops? And does it affect safety? Click to read more.
Here’s a tricky essential oil trivia question for you:

If you would like to make a 1% dilution of an essential oil in a teaspoon of carrier oil…

Then how much EO do you need to use?

“1 drop,” you might think. After all, that’s the standard advice in all those dilution ratio charts floating around the Internet.

But here’s the trouble.

A drop isn’t an accurate measure, and two drops of the same EO will never come out the same.

For example, the Formula Botanica blog ran a small experiment, weighing 20 drops of various EOs on multiple takes. And you know what they found?

The actual content of a drop of EO varied as much as 50% on different takes.

The second thing they found was that droppers from different brands gave drastically different sizes of drops. In one case, the drops from one brand were almost double that of a second.

The third result was that different oils separated into different-sized drops, depending on the viscosity of the oil. The difference could be as much as 3-fold.

When you put all this together, it could easily happen that one person’s 1% dilution is another person’s 3% or 4% dilution.

In many everyday uses of EOs, this might not matter very much.

But there are cases when it will make a big difference.

And in those cases, you have to come up with ways of dealing with the inherent inaccuracy of most EO recipes.

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